Welcome to the Fanime 2001 Cel Meeting

Get your chance at immortality and ID yourself! Just point out your row/column/position and I'll place the description on this page.* See the bottom of the page that match names to the faces.

Names and IDs below!
(Comments quoted from the individuals)

Lemar - Lemar wearing white about to check out a portfolio

Robert - Robert looking at you wondering why he didn't dress better for the photo shoot.

Casey and Marisa (misa) - Casey in the glasses, with the green shirt and Casey preaching as usual ^_- and Marisa in the back (the darker-haired blonde) (http://www.anime-online.com)

Jen (Crzy Demona) - That's me in the black t-shirt and jeans. I have my hands on my chest because someone has just shown me an Ashram cel that I was having a heart attack over!! ...and that's me again, with the white scrunchie in my hair.(http://crzysmansion.art-chicks.com/stuff/cels/)

Jenny Daitenshi (Kenshin no Miko) - That first picture of me isn't that great ^^;.... but the second one's OK. I'm the blonde.

Atiya - The fifth picture from the top in the left-hand colum that's probably_me that you can see in profile on the left. (Long dark hair, dark shirt.) Ah, upon closer inspection I see she's holding my translucent gray cel book, so she'd _better_ be me. ;-) (http://www.its.caltech.edu/~atiya/celgallery.html)

Mike Fenris - I'm pretty easy to find as I am the one in the blue and burgundy striped shirt looking at everyone else's cels. (http://fenwolf.homestead.com/gal.html)


* If you're truly camera shy and want your image to disappear from this page forever, I can blur you out. Of course, I and others would be terribly disappointed but we'll eventually get over it if we must.